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55 Year- 2018 Reunion Pix

Any/All Alumni may add their own personal photo inside the gallery selections below. Click the images below to enter the gallery area. Then click the "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here" button at the bottom of the page to participate. Follow the directions on screen to create your gallery. Only you can add photos to galleries you have created, and all photos you add will be credited to you inside your gallery!

Since you can't enlarge photos enough to see name badges, here's a list of who attended. Note that some photos do indicate names.

Andersen, James A.  
Anschuetz, Harold F (Rick) and Ruth 
Arhelger, Joan  
Brabham (Denholm), Diana  
Byerly (Waters), Pamela J.  
Cook (McNelly), Karen J. and Jim 
Davidson (Heyl), Diane and Mike 
Dorsch, James M. (Jim) and Melodie

Gersonde, Jan  
Grandgeorge, Susan L.  
Harris (Hibler), Kathryn N.  
Hollenbeck, Terry A. and Beth
Jablonski (Borchardt), Sally J. and Ron Sonntag  
Jacobs (York), Mary and Merill York 
Don Kiel
Knight (Szymczak), Nancy E.  and J
Kopacz, Thomas  
Krueger (Waters), Barbara J. and Bruce  
Kunde (Duffy), Terry and Amy   
Langley, Grant
Mader (Bruett), Val L. and Tom
Marcello, John M. and Tricia
Mattes (Coakley), Susan M. (Sue)  
McCoy, Peter A.  
Mead (Cappelletto), Holly S.  
Morrisey, Karen A.  
Nick (Hollenstein), Sue A. and Jack
Oksendahl (Beadle), Tanis L.  
Peters (Dwyer), Nancy and David
Rose, William A. and Sandy
Ruby, Jacob W. (Jake) and Gay
Schaller (Wehman), Jeanne S.  
Schroeder, David R.  
Sehrt (Doty), Jaclyn R.  
Semrow (Bohan), Linda R.  
Sikes, Philip George  
Slattery, Michael P.  
Stamm, John R.  
Sueflohn-Bohmann, Kitty A.  
Tenhover, Tom J. and Sue
Thelen (Hufschmidt), Judy  
Turner, David P.  
Vance, Roger and Betsy
Volkmann (Ashbaugh), Susan F. and Fred
Vollmer, Jerold W. and Karen
Willi (Lamson), Susan and Chuck


Committee at Marty's
1 Gallery  9/26/18
Golf Outing
1 Gallery  9/27/18
School Tour
1 Gallery  9/29/18
O'Donoghue's Friday Night
4 Galleries  1/2/19
Brunch at Embassy
1 Gallery  9/29/18
Fun Boat Tour
2 Galleries  9/29/18
Racquet Club Main Event
3 Galleries  9/29/18
2 Galleries  9/27/18